Ford Mustang 289 Hard Top with Special Preparation

  • 1968
  • 38,392 Miles
  • Candy Apple Red
  • Candy Apple Vynil
  • KSA252F
  • Sold

+44 (0)1794 323330

- Strip and Repaint in Candy Apple Red

- Original Style Interior

- Mechanical Upgrades Added for Reliability On Long Trips

- Engine Feels 'As New' 


The First Generation Ford Mustang had a production from between March 1964 and 1973, with the first of the significantly re-designed models coming out in 1967, which made the car look more sporty and aggressive. The already proven 289 Cubic Inch 'Wide V' V8 engine fitted to the '289' model was considered to be the best engine for this car at that time, and this is one of those cars. 

Fast Forward to 2018 - A renovation including complete body strip down and re-paint, interior work, exterior trims.  Although this particular car does have history from the U.S, more interestingly, it was shipped into the UK and registered onto UK plates.  Then, late in 2019 it was prepared for a gruelling road trip across India by Pilgrim Motorsports. This is not a trip for the feint hearted, this is not a trip where there is a classic car workshop on every corner. This is a trip of many miles across some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet and some of the most hostile environments for a classic car. So, this is some of what was done to an already very straight, very rust free car to prepare it; 

Fitment of MSD Electronic Ignition, Fitment of Limited Slip Differential, Upgraded Cooling System comprising of period correct but larger Radiator, Upper Radiator Guard/Cover, Electric Fans with Manual Override, Twin Fuel Pumps with a Dash located switch for Pump 1,2 or both off, Heat Protection for Fuel Pipes,  Grille set Front Lamps, 6 Heavy Duty Tyres Fitted to Steel Wheels giving 2 Spare Wheels, Fitment of Monte Carlo Brace under bonnet  for Extra Strength, Bespoke Fabricated Fuel Tank and Sump Guards, Bespoke Centre Console with Gauges and Power Supplies, Electronic Power Steering, Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauges.  

This is the Mustang you would love to own, and love to drive because as well as being stunning to look at, it has been prepared to run for long distances over terrain with little to no amenities, and the absolute bonus is that COVID prevented it from happening so it's all fresh and ready to go!