Porsche 928 S4 5.0 GT V8 Manual

  • 1989
  • 38,150 Miles
  • Forest Green
  • Ivory Leather
  • G382RNJ
  • Sold

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The Porsche 928 was originally designed in 1978 to replace the 911, but despite the Superb Build Quality, Comfort, Performance and futuristic looks for the time, due to the following that the 911 continued to have, the 928 evolved through 4 series before being discontinued.  By the time the model reached 1989, it had a 5.0 V8 engine boasting over 300 bhp, and in the GT guise which this car is, a 5 speed manual gearbox. This paticular model is now very hard to find, as most of the cars out there are the ealier models with very high miles and have the automatic gearbox which makes the car feel less sporty.


This particular car has the Sports Chassis, Limited Slip Differential and the 16" Club Sport Alloy Wheels, as well as Cruise Control, Sunroof, and Air Conditioning. The bodywork and paintwork is very good, with nice straight panels, good paint finish and a very nice leather interior.  We have photographed it prior to cosmetic preparation and we will say that there will be come minor cosmetic preparation carried out just to bring out the overall excellent condition of this fabulous Porsche.  We have also put the car through Brookspeed Porsche for a health check and service, so this car has a mechanical clean bill of health.

There is a large box file full of service history and information which is a good indicator that this car has been well looked after, and we are sure that the next owner, beit a collector or a Porsche enthusiast will be very happy that they will have bought an excellent example which is sure to climb in value over the years.

Please call before making the trip to come and see it to avoid disappointment as it will be in preparation.